Dr Roberts Surgery

Urgent Appointments

If you think you need seeing urgently please contact our reception. You are not obliged to give any information to a receptionist, but it is extremely helpful if you do, as it helps us to plan our surgeries and prioritise those most in need.

New Urgent Appointment System

We have recently changed our system for providing urgent appointments. Now, all requests to be seen the same day are "triaged" by the GPs.

If a you request to be seen the same day, a telephone number will be taken and a GP will call you back, usually by 10.30am at the latest.

The GP will speak to you quickly on the phone to decide whether you need to be seen urgently, or whether it can wait for a routine appointment.

Please do not come to the surgery unannounced and expect to wait to be seen, as you will be triaged in the same way as everyone else, and the GP may decide you need to make a routine appointment.

If this system is misused it can delay or deprive treatment for seriously ill patients. If an individual persistently misuses urgent appointments then we may instruct our reception staff that more information is essential before an appointment would be given.