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Patient Information and Resources

Routine Appointments  The practice has routine appointments that can be booked up to a month in advance.

Urgent Appointments  The practice has emergency appointment slots each day. These slots can only be accessed through the GP triage system. For access to emergency appointments, or same day appointments, you should telephone the surgery where you will be asked for your identifying details (name and address) and you will be asked to give details of your medical problem and a contact telephone number. Dr will look at your problem and you will be contacted, and if appropriate, be offered a same day appointment.

Telephone Advice  The practice has limited slots for telephone consultations each day. These slots are for GPs or Nurses. Patients can access these type of appointments by ringing the surgery.

Home Visits  Home visits should be requested, when possible, in the morning - this allows the GPs to arrange their day to attend visits in the afternoon.

Test Results  Blood results take about 7 days to be sent back to the practice. It is difficult to be precise with the time as some test take longer than others to report.

Out of Hours  Patients are able to access out of hours treatment by telephoning 111.

In an Emergency  If you are short if breath, are having chest pains, lose consciousness for any length of time, have excessive bleeding that cannot be stopped  - you should contact a hospital either through Accident and Emergency or by telephoning for an ambulance

Other Services  We  have practice nurses on site but we are unable to dress wounds or remove stitches here. Your can access this service by referral to a walk in treatment centre.